Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is a process of installing concrete material to a road, parking lot, loading dock, etc.  The concrete material consists of rock, sand and Portland cement.  Portland cement is essentially the glue that holds the rock and sand together. All of these materials are combined together with water to create concrete.

Asphalt paving, on the other hand, is a process of applying asphalt material to a road, parking lot, driveway, etc.  The asphalt material consists of rock, sand and asphalt oil.  The asphalt oil is essentially the glue that holds the rock and sand together.  The oil used in asphalt material comes from the refining of crude oil.  Asphalt oil is basically the sludge that is left over after the more valuable oils (gasoline, etc.) have been extracted.

Concrete paving can sometimes create traffic issues and requires some planning prior to the beginning of work. Pre planning will help to isolate problem areas and minimize any inconveniences.

The Concrete Paving Process

We start by removing continuous slabs of concrete and exposing the base rock to prepare the area for concrete paving. The base rock is inspected for its ability to support a load and compaction. Any rock areas that don’t meet our standards are excavated and repaired prior to concrete paving beginning.

To help support the new concrete, holes are drilled in the edges of the existing concrete and steel pins are inserted. Concrete is then poured back in around the exposed ends of the steel pins in a continuous manner to provide the best possible finish. This is done when large areas of concrete have failed or deteriorated to the point that none of the surrounding concrete can support the weight of traffic.

When is it Time for Concrete Paving?

You’ll know it’s time to consider concrete paving when you see any of the following:

  • the surface starts to flake off (called “spalling”)
  • excessive cracks start appearing in the concrete surface
  • the concrete starts lifting (called “heaving”) and settling producing a wavy, rough surface that is difficult to drive or walk on

You will typically see this concrete paving process performed on streets and some warehouse areas. Once the concrete paving process is completed properly you can expect a smooth and durable concrete street.

If you have any questions about concrete paving in the St. Louis area, please get in touch with us.  We’d love to help out.

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