Concrete Repair

St. Louis, with its variety of extreme weather patterns can be very tough on concrete. The extreme cold and heat can cause cracking and heaving to occur on just about any type of concrete surface. A concrete repair can be a cost effective solution for very small areas. This type of concrete repair is localized to only the affected area, helping to reduce the scope of the project and keep the price down.

When Do You Need Concrete Repair?

When concrete begins to crack or the surface begins to flake off (called “spalling”) it is time to consider some concrete repairs. Once the cracking process has started it is important to begin repairs before it can affect areas of concrete that aren’t cracked. Removing and replacing the affected areas is the best course of action.

When concrete lifts up (known as “heaving”) it creates a crack and possibly a tripping hazard.  When this occurs, one possible solution is to grind or mill the raised area to remove the trip hazard. But any cracks will still need to be repaired.

Another method of repairing an area that has heaved is to saw cut and remove only the area that has heaved and pour new concrete in the affected area. This is more of a structural and permanent repair and takes away the need to seal cracks since they have been removed. This type of repair also removes any trip hazards.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs when it comes to concrete repair services.  We’re happy to help out in whatever way we can.

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