Almost every parking area or building that offers handicap parking will have a concrete wheelchair ramp. If you have ramps on your property, it’s important to know that these concrete wheelchair ramps are governed by very strict guidelines set up by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These requirements have changed over time, but that isn’t to say that every concrete wheelchair ramp needs to be re-done. You will need to verify that any new ramps being installed in the future meet the new ADA requirements.

Installing a Concrete Wheelchair Ramp

Several things should be considered when installing concrete wheelchair ramps. There are prescribed slopes that are measured in percentages as well as minimum and maximum widths. The use and placement of Truncated Domes (those colorful plastic mats with the bumps on them) are critical to alert the blind that they’re approaching a street or drop off. You also need to consider how much of your existing concrete sidewalk will have to be replaced to meet ADA compliance.

Accessibility to the ramp from a parking area is a major concern, in addition to the location of the ramp in relation to traffic flow and the speed of the traffic. Picking the right location for your ramp to best meet the ADA criteria can sometimes be a difficult task.

Fortunately there are several types of ADA compliant wheelchair ramps to make installing a new one or retrofitting an existing one less of an undertaking.

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