Asphalt fabric, which is sometimes referred to as driveway fabric, can be an essential part of your St. Louis paving project and is a good investment when it comes to slowing down cracks. Let’s take a look at how paving companies in St Charles, MO have utilized this element of asphalt.

What is the Purpose of Asphalt Fabric?

Asphalt fabric is a cloth-like material installed on existing asphalt and concrete surfaces prior to the installation of new asphalt. The purpose of the fabric is to help slow down the process of old cracks seeping up into new asphalt, a process known as “reflective cracking.”

Whenever you are installing new asphalt on an existing asphalt or concrete surface, you are using the existing surface as the base for the new asphalt installation. Consequently, any cracks, concrete joints, or other problems will reflect up into the new asphalt surface in time.

Asphalt fabric is not intended to totally eliminate reflective cracking. However, it will help slow down that reflective cracking process from damaging your newly paved asphalt surface.

Does Every Project Require Asphalt Fabric?

Not every project requires asphalt fabric. We generally recommend it almost every time when installing new asphalt over concrete. However, when installing new asphalt over an existing asphalt surface, many factors are involved when deciding whether or not to use asphalt fabric.

Our St. Louis-based paving experts can work with you to determine when to use asphalt fabric over an existing asphalt surface.

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