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With 40+ years of experience, Ford Asphalt Company is a St. Louis paving company offering both asphalt and concrete services. Our clients range from hotel and retail locations to nonprofit organizations like schools and churches. If you’re wondering if we’re the right fit, 90% of our work comes from clients like these who choose to hire us again and again.

“Ford Asphalt is a great company to work with. Their team does quality work every time. Management communicates throughout the entire process. There are no ‘surprises’ at the end of any job. They are a great business partner.”

Mark Helmsing, Craftsmen Utility Trailer

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Commercial Work

Shopping Mall | St. Louis, MO

Home to Saks Fifth Avenue and Louis Vitton, Plaza Frontenac offers a premier shopping experience in St. Louis. To reinforce the location’s commitment to comfort and quality, our team removed the existing asphalt curb and replaced it with a new concrete curb and gutter. The asphalt was roto-milled to a depth of 3.5” and replaced with new hot mix asphalt, and all new striping was performed upon completion of the concrete and asphalt paving.

Plaza Frontenac Asphalt Road by Ford Asphalt

Retail Store | St. Louis, MO

To help Neiman Marcus provide the highest quality experience for its customers, our team roto-milled the asphalt pavement to a depth of 2″ and installed a new 2″ asphalt overlay. Once the paving work was complete, we also installed all-new line striping.

Neiman Marcus Asphalt by Ford Asphalt
Plaza Frontenac Asphalt Work

Restaurant | St. Charles County, MO

Fast-casual dining means consistent traffic looking for convenience. To help Panera welcome a steady flow of customers, we excavated the old, existing asphalt and installed 3” of new asphalt surface.

Panera Paved Parking Lot
St. Charles Panera Paved Parking Lot

Senior Living Facility | Richmond Heights, MO

Safety and convenience are important elements of senior living, including being cautious of damaged and uneven surfaces. Our team prepared the Sunrise on Clayton location of Sunrise Senior Living for a new surface and added a new 2” asphalt overlay, improving the overall look and stability of the roadway.

Senior Living Facility Repaird Asphalt

Senior Living Facility | St. Charles, MO

In addition to our work in Richmond Heights, our team performed a 2″ transition mill prior to a 2″ asphalt overlay for Fairwinds – Rivers Edge, a senior living community in St. Charles, to improve the road’s safety and ease of use.

Asphalt Overlay St. Charles

Commercial Property | Creve Coeur, MO

Adding an overlay to an existing surface gives you the look of a new asphalt parking lot without having to start over completely. Our team helped refresh this commercial location with a 2” overlay followed by crisp line striping.

Parking Lot Paving | O’Fallon, MO

Commercial customers like this one often deal with onsite parking shortages, which can mean finding new areas to add parking stalls. To help solve this issue for Mastercard’s Operations Center in O’Fallon, Missouri, we added a new concrete curb and gutter along with a new rock base and asphalt pavement.

Paved Parking Lot in O'Fallon
Paved Parking Lot in O'Fallon
Paved Parking Lot in O'Fallon

Commercial Property | Jackson, MO

Ruts, cracks and drainage issues are common asphalt problems for industrial locations. At Mondi, our team worked to improve parking by adding a 4” pave in 2 lifts over a newly installed rock base. A perimeter mill with a 2” overlay resulted in a smooth and uniform surface around the property.

Asphalt repair in Jackson, MO

Asphalt repair in Jackson, MO

Parking Lot Repair | Maryland Heights, MO

Commercial parking lots with heavy traffic can require targeted maintenance to repair trouble spots. For our work with Hutkin Development Company, we roto-milled the areas to be paved to a depth of 2″ and paved with a new 2″ asphalt surface.

Paved Parking Lot Progress, Maryland Heights

Retail Property Paving | Ballwin, MO

Serving multiple tenants with national appeal, including Home Depot and Gold’s Gym, means the Manchester Meadows pays special attention to their parking areas. With consistent, heavy use, we worked with this commercial retail property to add a fresh 2” asphalt overlay finished with new line striping.

Retail Parking Lot: Ballwin, MO

Commercial Property | Olivette, MO

We know it’s a hassle to close your company’s parking lot, which is why our team prioritizes efficiency as well as quality. At HDIS headquarters, a new 2” asphalt overlay with striping keeps the lot looking fresh without the cost or hassle of a full excavation.

French Drain Pipe Installation | Ellisville, MO

Parking lots around St. Louis battle a common problem: groundwater seeping up through the cracks. To help this commercial property deal with drainage problems, we dug a trench to install a french drain pipe, which relieved the hydrostatic pressure. Once covered and compacted, a new 4” layer of asphalt brought the area flush with the existing pavement.

French drain progress in Ellisville
Completed French Drain

Education/Nonprofit Work

School Campus | St. Charles, MO

The daily commute of students and faculty can take its toll on college parking lots. At Lindenwood University in St. Charles, our paving work included removing 2” of existing surface and adding a new overlay for more enjoyable campus parking.

New Lindenwood University Parking Lot by Ford Asphalt
New Lindenwood University Parking Lot by Ford Asphalt

Hospital Paving | St. Louis, MO

Mercy Hospital South serves families across multiple counties in Missouri and Illinois, making it the third largest medical center in the St. Louis region. Whether patients arrive in an emergency, for cancer treatment or to see a pediatrician, it’s important that they make it there safely. Ford Asphalt Company helped ensure a seamless and smooth arrival with a 2” mill of the existing surface followed by a new asphalt overlay.

Mercy Hospital Paved Road
Paved Road Mercy South

Church Parking Lot | Chesterfield, MO

From Sunday services and weekday programs to holiday events, church parking lots bustle with activity and traffic year-round. The Chesterfield Campus of The Crossing church needed a refreshed parking surface for their active community, so our work included a 2″ mill and asphalt overlay complete with new line striping.

The Crossing Church Parking Lot
The Crossing Church Parking Lot

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