Storm sewer inlet installation is an important detail that most people don’t think about when it comes to an asphalt paving project in St. Louis. But that’s alright. It’s our job to think about these sorts of things.

What are Storm Sewer Inlets?

Sewer inlets are the concrete squares that you find in a curb that catch the storm water from your parking lot and carry it away. You’ll also find storm sewer inlets in parking areas and drive lanes. These typically have metal or cast iron grates that catch the runoff.

Storm Sewer Inlet Repair

Sewer inlets can be frequently damaged by cars or trucks or just deteriorate over time. When a storm sewer inlet fails, it can pose a serious safety issue for vehicles and pedestrians.

It’s important to inspect the surface of a sewer inlet for cracks and “spalling,” which is when the surface of the concrete begins to unravel. This will reduce the sewer inlet’s ability to support any type of weight.

Sewer inlets with metal grates should also be inspected for corrosion. Salt used during the winter in St. Louis for ice and snow control can weaken steel and concrete alike. When the concrete or the grates fail in a sewer inlet, a void is created that can flatten a tire or damage a vehicle. It also poses a potential hazard to pedestrians that can lead to liability issues on your end.

When it comes to storm sewer inlets, we’d highly recommend turning to someone in St. Louis with experience that can evaluate your situation and make informed suggestions.

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