Are you looking for paving companies in Ofallon, MO? Have you ever seen an asphalt parking lot cracked so badly that it appears beyond repair? Adding a new surface may seem pointless when the same cracks are likely to form again in the same places. However, with the right technology, all of that changes. Knowledgable paving companies in O’Fallon, MO have found that Perma Flex™ offers a quality and innovative fix to an otherwise costly situation.

What is Perma Flex™?

Atlanta-based Dykes Paving & Construction Company invented the unique asphalt mix design called Perma Flex™ for overlaying cracked surfaces. Its liquid asphalt bonding agents and specially sized aggregate materials adhere to and seal the original, deteriorating surface and all of its cracks. In turn, it provides a strong barrier and foundation for a new asphalt surface on top of the old one.

By adding a Perma Flex™ overlay between the old and new layers, we can help you prevent existing cracks from reappearing in the same places as before, a tendency known as reflective cracking. This process can also help reduce the amount of maintenance and small patches needed over time, offering a way to invest in the longevity of your asphalt.

Perma Flex Overlay

Types of Projects

Are you wondering if you need to completely replace your asphalt to deal with the damage? Perma Flex™ is often an excellent solution for large surfaces like parking lots that would otherwise need to be excavated and totally removed.

To start the Perma Flex™ process, we’ll assess your existing surface and the scope of your project to make sure it’s a good fit. Our team will also determine if any repairs or leveling are needed before preparing for the overlay. To learn more about the process and see if your project is a good candidate, we welcome you to contact us at anytime.

Featured Project: Perma Flex™ in Pacific, Missouri

The parking lot and roadway at True Manufacturing got a complete overhaul thanks to a new Perma Flex™ overlay. Rather than continually fixing a cracked asphalt surface, the location has a fresh start that will cut down on maintenance for years to come. See the finished look and explore recent client projects in our portfolio.

Perma Flex™ in St. Louis

As a nationally-recognized system with high demand, Ford Asphalt Company is proud to be the sole licensee for Perma Flex™ in the St. Louis area. It’s just one of the ways that we put quality first and make sure that underlying issues are fixed first before your business invests in an asphalt paving project.

If you’re interested in exploring a Perma Flex™ overlay for your cracked asphalt surface, we’d love to hear from you. Request a proposal from one of the most dependable paving companies Lake Saint Louis, MO has to offer!

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