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Top Asphalt Repair Solutions for 6 Common Problems

There are a lot of reasons why asphalt surfaces start to wear down: structural issues, environmental factors, heavy use and old age. An experienced contractor can help you sort through asphalt repair solutions to find one that’s right for the job, helping determine if a small patch will do the trick or if you’re looking…

Quality Asphalt Services

How Can You Tell Quality Asphalt Services From Mediocre Jobs?

What makes good asphalt work stand out? Is there more to it than a flat, even surface? Most people judge quality asphalt services by how the asphalt looks. However, there’s a lot more to quality than a smooth, black surface.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

3 Types of Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

Have you ever had to tear out and re-pave a parking lot? It’s expensive and requires that you close down the parking lot while the job is being completed, meaning you could be missing out on business. However, a little commercial asphalt maintenance can drastically extend the life of your parking lot.

Asphalt Overlay: What is It and Who Needs It?

An asphalt overlay is a new mat of asphalt applied to an existing concrete or asphalt surface. Typically, an asphalt overlay is 2 inches in thickness. As a rule of thumb, asphalt overlays generally last 10-12 years.

Asphalt vs. concrete paving in St. Louis

Asphalt vs. Concrete: Which Should You Use for Your Paving Project?

We get asked about using asphalt vs. concrete frequently. The answer is…it depends on the application.

Asphalt Explained: How Asphalt Works

What is asphalt? A miracle product. Asphalt is a combination of sand and rock held together by oil. The oil serves as the glue binding the sand and rock together. Initially, the oil is heated up to roughly 400 degrees when added to the sand and rock material. When the oil cools, it hardens and…

Asphalt Curing Time: How Long Will Your Parking Lot be Closed?

New asphalt needs time to cool before you allow traffic on it, which is known as “asphalt curing time.” Unlike concrete which “cures” in the first few days of installation, new asphalt can be driven on as soon as it’s rolled and cool.

damaged parking lot

Parking Lot Drainage: What is it and why does it matter?

When it comes to putting in a new parking lot, we know many people picture that rich, dark, black asphalt. Some people likely think of the freshly painted parking spaces or even the asphalt curbing to protect the landscaping. But there’s one vital aspect of a parking lot that’s sometimes overlooked: parking lot drainage.

Asphalt over concrete in St. Louis

Can I Overlay Concrete with Asphalt?

From time to time, you’ll find concrete streets and driveways that have an asphalt overlay on them. Putting asphalt over concrete is done for several reasons, but does have its drawbacks.

What is the Best Time to Install a French Drain in St. Louis?

It’s a bit tough to answer this question without seeing your individual situation, but there are a couple of things you should consider when determining the best time to install a French Drain in St. Louis, Missouri.